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Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don’t Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace


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Grief is a funny thing. Except it isn’t.

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Scrapbook Page – Bridget (Photo credit: meglet127) You can go for days, weeks, months with no episodes. You are back to life as usual, feeling like you did the hard work to adjust to your new…

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Wake Monday and funeral Tuesday done, and now Mom lies with Dad. Even the great-grandkids wanted to say goodbye to G-Nana, and left gifts so she and G-Grampy could be together and play in heaven. I stayed 3 nights with … Continue reading

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Mom is Gone

There, I said it. Now, I just have to believe it. This is Friday. The rock of our family, the glue holding our little group together, is gone. With Dad, 6 or so years ago, it was expected; he had … Continue reading

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It blinks rapidly, again and again. “Fault”, it says. Whose? Mine? I swear I didn’t do it, and I don’t care what the sign says. They care, and they know.

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Not so Grown Up

Nope, I’m not. A grownup is supposed to be able to handle frustration. Heck, they’re not supposed to get frustrated. Me? I do. Always had a problem dealing with it, because I never learned how. I can get the not-so-screaming … Continue reading

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