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  That’s what you are when you wander about after eating. Had time to kill before the show, so I thought I’d go see my old stomping grounds, what used to be Verizon’s local headquarters. It’s changed, complete with not-necessarily-visitor-friendly … Continue reading

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At the park

A fine fall Tuesday, if today was fall. 60s for highs, with the usual average supposed to be around 72; not today. Like the summer (dog days at he end of June into July, cool days in mid-August), it’s 6 … Continue reading

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and here we go!

School started Tuesday, so we’re back to normal. Lots of internet research and activities to do for classes. I’ll have to bring my computer to the library. Now, I just have to remember how to log on to their printer. … Continue reading

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New bed and pillow, no buggies (yet!), Bliz is sometimes going back under the covers (It isn’t cold yet! 🙂 ), the VA is theraping my left shoulder now with talk of arch supports for my feet, and school just … Continue reading

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