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What’s Happening?

    Well, the funeral’s over, and we return to our lives. Back to summer with the weather that can’t make up its mind. I know New England weather is the wait-a-minute kind, but it’s not even waiting the minute.     … Continue reading

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work related

Work is getting weird. Got a comparatively new captain, and his emphasis is on our appearance (looking professional on and off campus) and keeping in the budget. Good luck with the latter. We have military duty (lots of GIs and … Continue reading

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fear itself

    Fear. A crippler when out of control, and friend and a warning when it tells you this is wrong. My therapist prescribed bike riding as a good exercise for my legs. My best friend Tony had an extra bike he could … Continue reading

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New blog

Just starting a new blog strictly for/about writing. It’s called “Writing on the side.” I’m going to copy some writing samples on to it, as well as add other samples, plus write about what’s happening in my writing life.

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When something special (weddings or funerals, usually) hits a family, it seems to be the rule that old arguments and/or fights are forgotten, even forgiven, and the family comes together to celebrate or grieve. With Uncle Owen, whatever sins (And … Continue reading

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