Wake Monday and funeral Tuesday done, and now Mom lies with Dad. Even the great-grandkids wanted to say goodbye to G-Nana, and left gifts so she and G-Grampy could be together and play in heaven.

I stayed 3 nights with my baby sister Cathy, her husband Joe, and their baby catgirls, Emma (7+ months), Ziggy (4+ months), and teeny Scarlet (2-3 months), little hell raisers all but cute.

Typical Italians—cry in the morning, laugh in the afternoon. After the wake, we all went to Mick’s, where Mom lived her last days. A lot of warm remembering, laughs, and happy tears. After the funeral, all 16 of us ate out at the Olive Garden. More of the same. Bobby paid, and wouldn’t let us help. Next time, Bobby, it’s my turn.

Now, it’s Wednesday morning, and I wait at the airport to go home. Reassure my separation-sensitive catgirl Bliz that her mom hasn’t up and left her, recharge my phone, do the laundry, and fall back into my routine, like my mom would’ve wanted, like we all have to do. Say goodbye, love your family, share the good times, know that she and Dad are watching over us, and go on. She and Dad raised good kids, and we will take care of each other. I have Bobby back in Massachusetts, there if I need him, and Mick and Cath have each other and their respective immediate families, as does Bobby.

Mom, Dad, I will see you again on the other side.


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