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Time to get serious with the diet (okay, food plan), and stop messing around. The prohibits are poison to you, so stay away from them! Are you a child that you can’t stay away? Seriously pissed at you now! Fix … Continue reading

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New year

And a restart to all that means anything. Keep it clean and good, and don’t screw up. And let’s get rid of this ridiculous cold!

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My annual trip to Salem for haunted happenings. Every year for the last several, I’ve made the trip on the non-work day before Halloween. yes, Salem is just up the coast so I could go any time, but there’s just … Continue reading

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Nothing to report since August? Get with it, self.

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time’s wasting

Summer’s nearly up, and you have work to do. Haven’t even started field training. Get to it! More time in SCI training. Let’s finish on a good note!

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Motif #1

Old, and yet not so old, the original was a victim of the blizzard of ’78, the present an insistence and gift from the public. Red now, she is a sign of home and welcome. It’s breezy but calm and … Continue reading

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Is it Spring yet?

I’m sitting here at work, after 4am, and it’s cold out. Not break-out-your-parka cold, but still cold. I mean, it’s May 2, and it feels like March out there. 40s? Tomorrow is the Walk for Hunger, always done on the … Continue reading

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