time’s wasting

Summer’s nearly up, and you have work to do. Haven’t even started field training. Get to it! More time in SCI training. Let’s finish on a good note!

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Motif #1

Old, and yet not so old, the original was a victim of the blizzard of ’78, the present an insistence and gift from the public.

Red now, she is a sign of home and welcome.

It’s breezy but calm and peaceful here, the inner harbor rung with houses, fishing shacks, and wharfs, a few boats waiting for their owners’ orders to head out to sea.

It’s relaxing to be here (despite the persistent breeze), away from the big-time hustle and business of the city I work in or the smaller one I live in.

The motif is a reminder of calmer, slower days when you could go about your business and still have time to gather your thoughts.

Is it the seas within our cells that seek out places like this, with the water, the peace, the memory, the call home?*

This was written after a visit to Bearskin Neck, Rockport, MA, and is what I thought as I relaxed at the wharf by the motif.

* A scientist/explorer/philosopher of our time and far wiser than me explained himself by saying “I am the sea, and the sea is me.”

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Is it Spring yet?

I’m sitting here at work, after 4am, and it’s cold out. Not break-out-your-parka cold, but still cold. I mean, it’s May 2, and it feels like March out there. 40s? Tomorrow is the Walk for Hunger, always done on the 1st Sunday in May. We used to have good weather, 70s and 80s, like God was one of our sponsors (and S/he is), giving us beautiful weather for a 20-mile walk around Greater Boston. Been either cold or rainy or both lately, but I still do it. Important cause and I want to help. Plus, community service is a good thing for Nelson Academy students to practice (and may be a requirement starting next fall).
Getting green leafwise, what clancats would call ‘Newleaf.’ Beautiful time of year to see. Better when it’s all sprouted out. Two months left of school, time to plan the summer. Yep, summer school.

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Is it spring yet? Silly cat. all 12-13 years of her, was playing with her toys on the bed last night, batting them around like she was a kitten. Not unusual, you say, except that this cat really doesn’t play. As a kitten, yes, doing all the kitteny things, but not much since. I’m sitting on the bed, watching Zorro, and someone is by the pillow, kapouncing all over the place, and knocking toys at me to flick back. Weird! This on top of running around and scratching the heck out of the uprights/scratching posts of her cat tree, and then flopping around, being cute, on the top pad. No, she didn’t overdose on catnip; she doesn’t do catnip, so we don’t have any.
Easter is done, Passover is passing over, Marathon Monday is coming up, and so is the Walk for Hunger (1st Sunday in May), a sure sign of warmer stuff coming. Yeah, but this is New England, and that’s Mother Nature. We’re not always on speaking terms (There’s still snow on the ground in places).

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note to self

Getting sloppy and slow with the work. Snakes are on your tail, and they eat eaglets. You gonna hand it to them again? Time to get cracking.

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Today 12/28/14 is the last day to cheat on the diet. Let’s get the new year started right by practicing what we will do, eating clean and in appropriate amounts, exercising regularly, and taking proper care of ourselves. Tomorrow the diet starts and we do the MMA/fit center workout, see how it feels. Got it? Btw, enjoy the 3-day weekend.

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Better late than never.

Wow! Long time since last post! Fall school is done, and I wait to get through the winter holidays. Why do they all come at the same time? Couldn’t they be spaced out so that, after one is done, we have more to look forward to because the long dark cold of winter? Funny how the holidays are different for me now, so different from my childhood. You never think growing up that your traditions will change, if you’re lucky enough to have any after. I don’t have much, just send out holiday cards. Ton and I should get together the day after (he has it off, and maybe Jimmy will be there, too. Might check out the 3rd Hobbit movie).

School starts up after the holidays, on a Friday of all days. Should I wait until the Monday after? No, school should start the day after the holidays, unless it’s a weekend when it will start on the Monday.

New post soon. Promise!

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