Hi! Welcome to my home page. This site is to tell you a little about me, give you a peek into how I think (which isn’t really scary), and even give you a sample of some of my writing.

I welcome comments to any of my posts, as long as it’s not spam or uses profanity. Even negative comments are welcome. Writers learn from both negatives and positives.

Again, welcome!

3 Responses to Welcome

  1. Alan Strauss says:

    Hello Carolyn

    Nice Site.

    I hope you remember me in a good light from your days at the Mcllelan AFB Tool Service Center
    in the late 70’s.

    I always wondered how you were doing with your writings, I thought I would see you on the best seller list by now or have a movie deal like JK ROWLINGS. would like to catch up on how you are doing these days. I live in MICHIGAN these days and work at GM

  2. Catch you on Facebook, or you can comment to my posts when I make them. You do wordpress?

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