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Time to get serious with the diet (okay, food plan), and stop messing around. The prohibits are poison to you, so stay away from them! Are you a child that you can’t stay away? Seriously pissed at you now! Fix … Continue reading

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Better late than never.

Wow! Long time since last post! Fall school is done, and I wait to get through the winter holidays. Why do they all come at the same time? Couldn’t they be spaced out so that, after one is done, we … Continue reading

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Grown Up?

I’m a grown woman on the wrong side of the half-century mark, says my birth certificate. That’s who I am age-wise, but am I really grown up? I still have the toy dogs (Ubby and Morgan) that I was given as … Continue reading

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Halloween and other bits

    Over a year at my new worksite. TB tested and IDd for another year, so I’m good to go.     On Halloween, I was in Salem, the place to be on that day. It’s the day to make friends, … Continue reading

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    Feeling very fallish out, crisp and cool, and nasty uber-rain, with hurricanes and tropical storms popping out of whatever woodwork they can find. We’ve lucked out stormwise, so far. Of course, today’s rain, not a storm, may make up … Continue reading

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Thank you, Irene

Got to Revere Beach again. Two Tuesdays in a row! *cartwheels* A day off from work, complete with sun, is reason to go. I had Sunday night into Monday off because of Hurricane Irene. They shut down the MBTA (public … Continue reading

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Thursday August 11th, and no brace yet. I’ll wait until Friday. If I don’t hear, I’ll call Monday. Meanwhile, I use the cane when I go around, if I don’t need 2 hands, and never for work (security officers using … Continue reading

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