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New year

And a restart to all that means anything. Keep it clean and good, and don’t screw up. And let’s get rid of this ridiculous cold! Advertisements

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to come

Wow! Been a month since my last post. I will have something by Tuesday (Nov 1). Got something started. Just need to see if the weekend brings anything.

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Got myself a new theme, called ‘Twenty ten’, and I think it looks good. I like the header (which came with it). Always been the woodsy one, so I feel at home seeing that. What do you all think?

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Leg’s not getting better, so I’ll go back to the VA Monday morning after work, and see about getting a brace or something to provide some support so it’ll heal. Wish me luck!

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Made a welcome page and an ‘about me’ page for this blog. Both a 1st for me. Still learning how to do this stuff.

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