Is it Spring yet?

I’m sitting here at work, after 4am, and it’s cold out. Not break-out-your-parka cold, but still cold. I mean, it’s May 2, and it feels like March out there. 40s? Tomorrow is the Walk for Hunger, always done on the 1st Sunday in May. We used to have good weather, 70s and 80s, like God was one of our sponsors (and S/he is), giving us beautiful weather for a 20-mile walk around Greater Boston. Been either cold or rainy or both lately, but I still do it. Important cause and I want to help. Plus, community service is a good thing for Nelson Academy students to practice (and may be a requirement starting next fall).
Getting green leafwise, what clancats would call ‘Newleaf.’ Beautiful time of year to see. Better when it’s all sprouted out. Two months left of school, time to plan the summer. Yep, summer school.


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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