Is it spring yet? Silly cat. all 12-13 years of her, was playing with her toys on the bed last night, batting them around like she was a kitten. Not unusual, you say, except that this cat really doesn’t play. As a kitten, yes, doing all the kitteny things, but not much since. I’m sitting on the bed, watching Zorro, and someone is by the pillow, kapouncing all over the place, and knocking toys at me to flick back. Weird! This on top of running around and scratching the heck out of the uprights/scratching posts of her cat tree, and then flopping around, being cute, on the top pad. No, she didn’t overdose on catnip; she doesn’t do catnip, so we don’t have any.
Easter is done, Passover is passing over, Marathon Monday is coming up, and so is the Walk for Hunger (1st Sunday in May), a sure sign of warmer stuff coming. Yeah, but this is New England, and that’s Mother Nature. We’re not always on speaking terms (There’s still snow on the ground in places).


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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