Better late than never.

Wow! Long time since last post! Fall school is done, and I wait to get through the winter holidays. Why do they all come at the same time? Couldn’t they be spaced out so that, after one is done, we have more to look forward to because the long dark cold of winter? Funny how the holidays are different for me now, so different from my childhood. You never think growing up that your traditions will change, if you’re lucky enough to have any after. I don’t have much, just send out holiday cards. Ton and I should get together the day after (he has it off, and maybe Jimmy will be there, too. Might check out the 3rd Hobbit movie).

School starts up after the holidays, on a Friday of all days. Should I wait until the Monday after? No, school should start the day after the holidays, unless it’s a weekend when it will start on the Monday.

New post soon. Promise!


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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