July Ramblings

    The Walkathon went okay. 3 years in a row now, the marshals get the same color t-shirt (green). Only difference is the date on it. They get a special from someone? Went well, had my usual good time. Just had to go back to Lynn, eat, grab a bit of sleep, and then head back to work in Boston, to be there by 11pm to start my shift.

    Paranormal Expo–turnout was smaller than we hoped, but our co-hosts want to do it again in 2015, around Halloween. Figure the people heading for Salem might want to stop by.

    Memorial Day service was short but decent. I led the Pledge of Allegiance. Glad I remembered it; I thought I’d flub it.

    Summer school–shutting down English until the fall but continuing algebra, because once I get rolling on figuring things out, I don’t like to stop. Got to get in knot practice on a weekend.

    MMA (as in definite mixed, with boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and kenpo)–continuing my practice. Doug tells me the boxing drills are to work on strengthening my shoulder. Need to start learning foot movements; should start with shadow boxing to work on it. Want to learn 1 or 2 more punches, just to mix it up.

    Still no idea of when Doug will think I’ve proven my dedication enough to have earned my white belt. Just to get permission to start learning?

    Still no learner’s permit. Need $ to apply, and it’s short; had to hit the savings to get $ for utilities and to eat at work.

    Okay, waiting for AoS to start Season 2. Thoughts on the S1 finale? Funny, fast, action-filled, and I’m still pissed at Fury. Yes, it was nice of him to name Coulson ‘Director’ and to give him the just-about-impossible job of rebuilding S.H.I.E.L.D., but look what he did! Phil told him never to use the T.A.H.I.T.I. drug and procedure on anyone ever again. Since Phil didn’t resign, Nick must’ve assured him that he wouldn’t do it. Fury lies!!!! He did it to Phil, and then made him forget about it and everything to do with the project, including his being the project director. Now we know why Phil said “Please let me die!” Yes, the pain, the torment was excruciating, but Phil knew about the side effects, the mental deterioration, and he wanted no part of that. Rather die sane than live crazy. Doesn’t look like he gets his wish. Explains why Phil was given his own plane, so Melinda May could watch him for ill effects, and no one but his team would be harmed if things went south.

Ex-agent Hill, ex-deputy director, why didn’t she succeed Fury? Isn’t that the way it usually goes? Fury said Coulson was the only person he trusted with the rebuild. Does he know that Hill betrayed his and Coulson’s trust by giving up Providence Base and Coulson’s team to the US military (on Canadian soil, yet, where they don’t have jurisdiction)? Only reason she helped Phil is because she was embarrassed to learn someone she vetted was a traitor. Who does Fury trust? Coulson without a doubt (Just what is the link between these 2? Got to be more than mentor and protégé. What was it about Coulson that had Fury recruit him right out of high school? So, no college or military training?), May because she’s got Phil’s back (Okay, what’s their history?), Steve Rogers because he’s the captain and Phil’s hero, maybe Romanov?

Moving on!



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