May ramblings

    Wow! I haven’t been here since January? Self, no excuses! *hangs head*  Okay, what’s happening? Today, there’s the 46th annual Project Bread Walk for Hunger here in Boston. I’ll be a stationary marshal again after I get out of work. The warm time of year doesn’t come until we do the Walk.

    Later on this month, like on the 17th, the Friends of High Rock Reservation are co-hosting the Sin City Paranormal Expo in Lynn. Come on, come all! It’s to benefit the Stone Cottage, a historic landmark we hope to save. The week after, the Saturday before Memorial Day, we have the Memorial Day service in High Rock Park. Busy month.

    Personally, school has been slow this semester, with not a whole lot accomplished. A lazy semester, not good. I’ll try to make up for it in English and math this summer, the other academics this fall. Get as much done in the remaining month and a half until the semester ends.  

    Training in boxing (doing drills on the Y’s heavy bag, just jabs so far), reviewing my kenpo (think I’ve got the yellow belt forms and techniques down right now. God, it’s been so long!), and working on the 2 Brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj) techniques friend Doug Judge (says he’s a brown belt in bjj) gave me, all to earn the right to wear the white belt and call myself a student of bjj. I also have to look over a certain fight video and find some techniques to talk about.

    Somewhere along the way this month, I’ve got to get my learner’s permit, so friend Tony Rojas can teach me to drive.  And I’m going nuts wondering what shocks “Agents of Shield” is going to show us in the last 2 episodes this season. Fury’s got some explaining to do! Yes, I’m a fan of Clark Gregg; I’m even watching the playoffs of Entertainment League basketball (final is today) because he plays for the New York team. Is there anything he can’t do? *head shaking*

    Busy month! 



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