catching up and not

November now. School’s well in, but  I feel like I’ve accomplished little. Going to need to rethink my classes. Maybe 1 science class a week, done twice. Bio in 1 week, physics the next week, and then chem the next, and back to bio in week 4; alternate weeks with g&c and lit, and hist/geog.

              M       T    W    TH   F

sci         x                        x

math                x                   x

fr         x                         x

eng                        x

soc                 x              x

Also ramp up the PT and diet (NOT food choices!). MoS at least once a month; use the membership (it costed enough). Reminder–possum paper due the end of the semester.

Be seeing the Floridians soon. Bliz’ll be ticked, but she’ll be okay. Lots of toys to take it out on.


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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