Wackiness calms

Bed is gone, victim of bedbugs (2 treatments and lots of spraying by me, and it still housed bugs). Caleb of the Hall Co took it apart, we wrapped it (and the bugs stayed invisible, like they do whenever I’m looking for them), and today (Wed 8/14), the disposal guys came and got it. Bliz and I spent the last 2 sleeps in my sleeping bag (which I wish I remembered before) (*face, meet palm*).

Victim #2–pillow. Tuesday night, we slept in/on the bag, semi-comfy, and bite-free. Actually got about 4 hours of sleep uninterrupted, 1st time in ages. Wednesday afternoon, I added the pillow. Half an hour later, bite. Bliz’s radar found the bug, and I added him to my collection. After that, with my skin so sensitive from all the bites, everything was feeling like a bite, so sleep was in bits and pieces. So, pillow, obviously compromised by the **********!, got plastic-bagged and disposed of.

Thursday, I will move the bag (which I sprayed before putting away and which Bliz is cursing me for because it smells pepperminty) into the middle of the room, closer to the original location, away from the window, and see what happens. I think the drawer-clothes may be due for a mass wash/dry, with me spraying the inside of the dresser drawers, just in case.

Waiting for next week for my furniture. Will need a new pillow, bag for same, and a new set of sheets.

Weather’s about the same. Navigators season is over, but I got to one game. Academics are all done for the summer (even putting my math test work into the workbook); all I have is the PT test, and I’ll do that Friday. 2 weeks of summer break (only from school) in which I’ll try to go to the zoo (miss my budgies 😀 ) and Spectacle Island on my days off.

Any room in those days off for Smallflame and Riverclan? They’re feeling neglected! Hint! Hint!


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