wackiness ensues

Number one–stupid weather. No, we’re not the southwest or the west with its 100-degree plus dry heat and/or wild fires. No, we’re wait-a-minute-weather New England. Late June and early July, it’s usually high 70s to low 80s with humidity fluctuations, with the superhot and humids (Triple H (No, not the wrestler!)—hazy, hot, and humid) coming in for a couple of weeks in mid-August. Usually. This year? We throw the rules out. Late June well into July, 90-degree plus temperatures with 60-70% humidity! And now? Early August? 70s in the day, 50-60 at night, cool enough that I was freezing (in August?) during Monday’s Navigator game (Finally went! And they won in 12 innings!) *****$$##$$## weather!

Number two–stupid ********* bedbugs! Arrgghh! Tomorrow is the final treatment day. Good thing. After my neighbors in apartment #8 got their 1st treatment, I had 3-4 nights of peace and no bites, even with the lights out. Last 2 nights? Killing bedbugs after only half an hour lying down. Plus, Bliz and I wind up sleeping on the floor, a towel as my pillow, her bed. I’ll be there again tonight.

Got to betray Bliz’s trust by taking her to the vet to board for 2 nights (and that means she’ll be stuck in a cage, but at least no one’s biting her), then put away all her stuff, do the laundry (been doing it every other day now), and get all the dishes washed and put away before Wednesday morning. The bugdudes are coming early Wednesday, so I’ll pack my bag and head to Boston North Station to go to Lowell. Got an appointment to get my hair cut. I go to the same place I did when I lived there. It serves a second purpose–if no one screams and yells when washing and cutting, then I have no creepy-crawlies in my hair. Right now, I need that reassurance. In the afternoong, I should be able to return and try to sleep.

Bliz comes back Thursday. And when do I get to put my apartment back together? Thursday morning, the property managers are going to cut holes in the wall between me and #8, send in insectide powder, and then later patch and paint. Then #8 can’t say I gave them the bugs. Yep, they blamed me.

Update on above–holes made, insectide powder in, holes covered. Tomorrow (Friday), they’ll smooth over the patches and probably paint.

Bliz is home, not happy with the unhomelike arrangements, although there are more things to climb under/over/around and through now. I put her bed up in the window, so she’s calming down. I’ve started hanging up clothes and putting things in the dresser. Got a long way to go, but it feels nice to be returning to normal or what passes for it. Next week, I should get my new bed and mattress (already got bedbags for mattress and a pillow), computer desk, and chair.

Change of subject–academics are done (still have to put math chapter #1 test in the workbook), just have the PT test. Now, I just have to prep my space for studying in September (here’s where the new desk comes handy). What bag had my school stuff?


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