Those rats aren’t going to win

No, they’re not.Why not, and win what? The rat race, of course. As for why not, because the bugs are going to win it all.

Attack of the bed bugs, part 2! Stupid human (read ‘me’) removed the bag on my mattress after it got wet from a spill. After washing and drying (so it doesn’t get all stinky), I put it back on. Too late! The tag on the bag, the one that says ‘do not open the bag or turn the mattress until _________’, never had a date, so I guess the date was supposed to be never. A couple of months later, I am battling the bugs again, and going through the drying, cleaning, sorting, disposing (happens every time you sort), and bagging that comes with it, all so I and my catkid can sleep without being something’s meal.

Last battle, I didn’t have too bad a problem, so I lost no furniture. This time, I’ve only seen them one day (actually night, like 3 am), but I’ve been bitten many times. No fun, and seriously itchy. Not coming from the mattress (it’s bagged so they can’t get out or in), where are the escapees from my goof hiding? In the nooks and crannies of the wood frame of my bed and it’s underbed storage? My guess. My mattress is already compromised, of course, so I figured I’d have to get a new one. So, might as well get a new bed while I’m at it. Just a thought at this point. Let’s see what the techs have to say.


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