Ups and Downs

Lady Luck is a fickle lady. I had a new day and night off, giving me a 3-day weekend. I had asked for the extra day because May 22nd is a personal anniversary for me. It’s a free day, with no work, no school, just do what I want, relax and have fun. First, I thought I’d see about getting a learner’s permit (friend Tony had said that he would teach me how to drive).

Well, after a 50-minute wait (estimated waiting time 38 minutes, says the Registry) in the Chinatown Registry, I found out that my Veterans Administration ID is not acceptable as ID. They have a strict list of what they will take, and that’s not on it. No exceptions. I figured it established my name, my Registry ID established my birth date (yes, they’ll take a state ID but not that particular Federal one), and a voided check would deal with my address, all the things I’m supposed to prove. Nope, not happening. VA ID’s not good? Nice slap in the face to veterans. Like just anyone could get a VA ID?

I had gotten a late start leaving the house, and here I had blown the morning, accomplishing exactly nothing. So, Orange Line to Forest Hills Station, and then bus to Franklin Park Zoo. Zoo? Yep, zoo. I had a free pass, and this is where and when the kid in me wanted to spend the free day, and in we went (me, myself, and I). lady Luck had abandoned me at the Registry, but this was better. The animals were actually awake (well, except the lion which roared until I got there, and then he decided it was naptime!) and active (same exception). I actually had fun, although the weather wasn’t best (cool and gray). And forget the diet for one day, so I had an ice cream after a hot dog. Yum! Only downer–too early in the year to see my favorite birds, the budgies. After Memorial Day, you get to go on the walkway in their enclosure, and be around them.

Getting late, so off to the next stop, the Harvard Coop. I needed to get a couple more Ranger’s Apprentice books. I had 1-6 and 10, plus The Lost Tales. Me in a book store is as bad as sis Cathy in a craft or candle shop–not a good idea. Got books 7 and 8, the Warriors Sun Trail by Erin Hunter, and a new one I’m struggling with, The Returning by Christine Hinwood. Why struggling? Too many characters, trying to keep the families straight, and a narrative style that’s jumbled in point of view, time, and dialect.

Okay, food. The hot dog filled the hole for a bit, but it was back and larger. Chinese? I do Chinese. There’s a place a block from Harvard Square. Nice looking place, friendly service. I like fish, and there’s sliced fish with vegetables, but I never saw fish like this. It was wrapped in a batter, and then all was in a sauce, so the batter was soggy, plus the fish was tasteless. I ate all of the veggies and enough of the fish to know I didn’t like it.

Lady Luck deserted me at the  beginning and the end of the trip, but the middle was enjoyable. Did I starve? Nope. I bought a eggroll and fried rice from the China Lion once I got to Lynn. And then Blizzy gave me her ‘I’m ignoring you because you left me’ look when I got home. I expected that, so I laughed.

Interesting day!


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