A vacation to remember

This past week was my vacation from work at the Brigham and Womens Hospital in Boston. It was supposed to be easy, mostly some spring cleaning, long overdue (never was much of a housekeeper), with a few daytrips thrown in for good measure. It actually started April 15th, Monday, Patriots Day and Marathon Day, at 7am, when I got relieved at work. Time to go home and relax. Then, the day changed. Two Russian brothers forever changed the face of Patriots Day, and a Boston-area holiday suddenly became known to the rest of the world. The city of Boston was in lockdown for a day, nothing in or out, except some airplanes.

The nightmare is over now, with older brother dead, and the  younger, probably influenced or even coerced by the older, a patient and prisoner in Boston. Four people are dead at their hands, and they have been called terrorists. That makes this a federal crime, eligible for the death penalty. I wonder what investigators think they can possibly say to the younger brother, all of 19 years old, to get him to answer their questions, when he’s looking at being killed by the government. What can they possibly offer him? And if he goes to jail? The odds are very good he will die there quickly at the hands of an inmate, if not a guard, and it will probably go unpunished.

I did get some cleaning done, although not all I planned because I got lazy. Still, some is better than none, and I still have until Wednesday 11pm before I go back to work (Monday and Tuesday are my days off, then 5 days vacation (Wednesday-Sunday), and then back to Monday and Tuesday, 9 days off all total).

Did get in a trip to the Museum of Science in Boston (I recommend it to all who come to the city; the Mugar Omni Theatre and Charles Hayden Planetarium are excellent extras, extra money but well worth it). I had been talking myself into joining the museum, since I come there often enough, and I finally joined up. Not cheap but I figure it’s worth the price. Now, if I can just remember to bring my own food to the cafeteria. I only eat the salad, but it’s $$. Sheesh!

The Big Apple Circus is in town, at the City Hall Plaza, and I saw it Saturday. Loved it! This is the second year in a row that I’ve seen it.  One-ring circus, all good seats, and a great show.

There’s a street entertainment act here, called Red Trousers, a pair of guys who are acrobats and jugglers. They are very good, very funny, involve the audience, say they travel the country entertaining (so I don’t know if they’re local), and they’re on Facebook (!). Yep, I will friend them. Saw them outside Fanueil (spelling?) Hall, while I was on my way to the circus.

Monday, I get up early (as in 5:30am) for a trip to my nutritionist at the VA (she won’t be happy with me, because I probably didn’t lose any weight) (I’m writing this the Sunday before), then to the gym, and then to the library to get some math done. I may still be on vacation from work, but my self-school comes back from April school vacation, and it’s back to the books.

That’s all for now. Until next time!


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