Bits and Pieces.

Last weight check, I was 155, in my uniform. Not near where I should be, but it’s going down. Haven’t been as careful foodwise or been to the gym as often as I should. Post-bedbugs, got to get into a regular PT program, and something resembling a regular eating pattern (Dream on!).

Anyone on ‘Fanpop’? It’s an internet site for fan clubs of anything in popular culture. If it interests you, there’s probably a club for it, or you can start one.

Those of us who were owners of Super Poke Pets (and I still miss playing with Toby and our friends >^.^<) can now be owners of Bitty Pets, a new site for cyberpets. Stupid work computer lets me log in, but it won’t bring up my home page properly, so I can’t do anything until I can use my computer and the library’s wifi.


About carolynsworld

security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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