Bugged and planned

Been awhile since my last post; that’s not good. Got to do this more often, even if only to say I’m still here, alive and kicking.

So what’s new? Well, my weight is finally heading down. Closer to the 150 mark now. Had this bit happen here, with some serious throat and upper chest congestion making me real sick, just in time for a bedbug incident, with the whole having to bag all your belongings, after washing and high-drying all your clothes, and living out of a bag or two (which you reseal when not using) until the 2-treatment process is over, without my cat Bliz who was going crazy at the beginning (and getting bedbugbit wasn’t helping) and had to be boarded at the local vet (10 days the 1st time, overnight the 2nd), missing her badly, my nerves all going crazy, my head thinking all kinds of worse-case scenarios (sometimes having an imagination is a very bad thing), not eating or sleeping.

Yep, you lose weight that way. Not how I’d recommend it. I was basically living on adrenaline, green tea, and Instant Breakfast (had no appetite or interest in food, but I had to take in something, and the tea aided hydration, something I’m still working on).

Now if only I could lose this nagging cough! It is better, but it’s still there.

Spring is finally here, I will be working the Project Bread Walk for Hunger the 1st Sunday in May, as usual. Making plans for a break in my work schedule.

Got vacation in mid-April (April school vacation time). Figure on some spring cleaning (some vaca!), with maybe a day trip or 2 thrown in for good measure. If we have decent weather and I can finally get windows open for awhile, it’ll be good for both Bliz and me.

School anniversary is the 22nd of May. I’ve got the day off (and that night, too), and the kid in me will have the day to play. Where to kids like to go? This one likes the zoo, so I’m going to the Franklin Park Zoo that day.

July 1st, after work, I’m heading to New York City (Why do I hear a salsa commercial, with cowboys snorting “New York City?”, right now in my head?) for a 2-night writing retreat. Going to stay at the American Youth Hostel. Been there before, and it’s not bad. Easy to get to the subway, and it’s close to Central Park. Figure I’ll stay close to the base the 1st day, but wander a bit the 2nd, get to see more of the city while looking for places to write.

I’ll be heading home on the 3rd. Don’t want to just get home, throw down my bag, change into uniform, and head back out to go to work Wednesday night. No, that would be mean to Bliz. I’ll be gone 3 nights as it is (1 at work, 2 in NYC), and I don’t want to make it 4. I put in an email to Lt Myers asking for the overnight of the 3rd to the 4th off (it would be nice to NOT have to work on my birthday night!).

Not doing any more online courses. With the limited amount of time I have online with usable browsers (which usually means with my newer computer in the library, using their wifi) and with my writing, working out, cat, and school, I just don’t have the time.

That’s it for now. Anyone else been hostelling? I’ve been in Massachusetts (Boston), New York (Lake George, NYC), Canada (Montreal, Quebec), and Europe (Stuttgart, Strasbourg, Lyon, Paris, London).

Any vacation or springtime plans?


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