New Year

A new year, a new chance to do things right, to fix what went wrong. Isn’t that what resolutions are for? So, did you make any resolutions? Keep them?

For me, yes to the 1st, no to the 2nd.  I made resolutions to stick to the diet (okay, food choices) ‘suggested’ by my doctor and my nutritionist, but doing that is too drastic all at once. I am getting better, getting a better feel of what foods mess with my insides and thus I should avoid, but I can’t just drop all the good stuff I used to eat.

I have about 2 weeks to show a loss of weight (I’m getting too freaky big!), and so I have to crack down. Starting today, Saturday January 12, 2013, no more crap in my diet! It’s no good for my insides or outsides, and I want to see that weight scale number start going back down.

I now weigh 160 pounds, and I used to weigh about a hundred. 140 will get me out of the overweight category; with my bone structure and size, 125 is much better, so you can see I have some work to do.

My 2nd resolution was to go to the gym (the local Y) at least 3 times a week to work out. Weather, fatigue (especially after work), and/or forgetting my gym bag at work have kept me from keeping this promise, but I’ll be at the gym after work today (if I remember to grab my bag from the rollcall room).

What else is new? Been spending some time checking out DVDs on Amazon. I bought a few: the UFO megaset (UFO was a Gerry Anderson series that preceded Space 1999), the entire Space Above and Beyond (no extras. Rats!), and seasons 1 and 3 of Babylon 5 (I am/was a fan of Michael O’Hare, and he was a series lead in the 1st season, finishing his character’s arc in a 2-parter (“War Without End”) in the 3rd season. Why ‘was’? He died recently, a big shock to all of us fans of B5.

So, what’s new with you in this new year?


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