My first!

First what, you ask. First time someone has paid me for something I wrote, first time I’ve had to sign a contract for them to publish a story I’ve written. Got the contract by email today. I’ll print it out (2 copies, 1 for me), read, sign, and mail it back. Deadline for submissions is in December, and they expect publication in the summer of next year. This press is a very small organization, so payment is equally small. I expect they’ll make back their payments when we buy a copy or copies of the book the story appears in. Yep, buy. No free copies, that’s how small it is, but it’s a start, a foot in the door.

Not my 1st stupid storm. This one, named Sandy (We into the ‘S’ already?), couldn’t make up it’s mind (Yes, if it’s got a name, it’s got a mind) where it was going or when, or what it was going to do when it got there. In Lynn, we lucked out, some wind, the Lynn Shore Drive closed because of the high storm surge surf, but not too bad. Revere, next door, got its oceanside road buried in beach. That’s right, the surge pushed sand off the beach, over the seawall, and all over the sidewalk and road. Take a few days to clean that up. They named Sandy right, the people of Revere would say (once they get done swearing at her).

Not like New York and New Jersey. Massive power outages, fires burning down blocks of houses, exploding electrical transformers, super tidal surge drowning whole parts of cities and even the New York City transit system! Whole sections of the famous Boardwalk are gone. The wind blew the front off an apartment building, leaving the rooms and furniture intact, like a dollhouse with no front.

If Halloween brings stuff like this (last year, we had a snow storm!), what will the approaching winter bring? I don’t think I want to know.


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