Did you ever go to a mall, and feel overwhelmed with prices while underwhelmed with variety? Ever leave empty-handed, having spent money only in the food court? It happened to me a few days ago at the Square One Mall. Left my house figuring to go to my local Walmart, but the bus to the mall was going by, so I got on. Yeah, I can be spontaneous like that. I had never been to that mall. Nice scenic ride, with plenty of color by the Lynn Woods.

Got to the mall just before the stores opened, so I got to walk around. Good exercise, just what I needed. I strolled through Sears and Macy, the name stores. Very pricey, and everything in any one section looked alike, maybe just a different color or brand or both. Went to the local pet place, figuring to get a toy for my Bliz. They only had puppies! What pet store only sells one kind of pet? This was Pet Express.

Got all bored strolling through; didn’t stop anywhere else, although I looked in lots of windows. Wound up going to Walmart after all, and spending 2 hours in the jewelry department trying to order a class ring (I never got my high school or university ring when I was in class), which didn’t get ordered (story for another time), but I got most of what I wanted.

Lesson for the day—unless you have time and money, or you just want to waste time, self, stay out of malls.

Okay, here’s that story. Only certain schools (colleges) authorized Walmart to sell rings for them. None of the U Mass schools are on that list (and they were using an old listing, which didn’t help, and did prolong my time there). So, I can’t get a college ring. One for high school? All of the accredited schools in the state are on the list. They put in the info, and they computer kicks it out as ‘ineligible.’ No explanation. Huh? Why can’t I buy a school ring? After 2 hours and a lot of phone calls and list-looking on their part and me just standing there, I walked away empty handed. An explanation, please? They had none.


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