Season Change


Finally into fall, and it’s cool already. October in a few days, the time of the colorful leaves, my company anniversary (I’ll have been with them 28 years on the 10th), a field trip on Columbus Day to the Museum of Fine Arts, and, at the end of the month, a trip to Salem to visit all those things that go bump in the night.

Of course, I know what comes after, the cold and the snow, but, like all new Englanders, I’ll get through it. Last winter was a blessing (for me, at least, with my not-so-good knees) with its no snow. Don’t expect that again.

By the way, remember my wish from July that my long-lost cousins and my aunt all get along? So not happening; too much between them (which is/was none of my business so I didn’t ask). Hate when that happens, when gaps are too wide for families to cross. I guess the only way they can be civil to each other now is by not speaking to each other (my cousins all talk to each other but not to the aunt). Can’t fix problems by staying in silent mode, but I guess this is unfixable. I guess some families are family in name only. Life lesson—we can’t all get along, no matter how much I wish we could.

Update on knee—been minus a brace for awhile now, and it’s still working. Some  definite weakness (not a lot), discomfort, minimal pain, still working. Crossing fingers. I’m 2 years shy of minimal age for retirement, but I’d like to work as long as I still feel comfortable doing it (Big difference in social security money when you retire at 67 as opposed to at 62). After 62, if it’s no longer comfortable, time to go.

Something I wrote before, a six about what’s to come:


After the Rain

Winds howls by, whipping tree branches as though they are weightless.  Streetlight reflections glisten on sidewalks, looking like unmoving flames, almost all shiny white.

Now, the sidewalk looks like a checkerboard, as the water dries, and the outlines are seen. Still bitter cold, making me think it should be snow. People tell me I should be grateful it’s rain, not snow, but I say to them that you can shovel away snow, while wind-driven rain will soak anything and everything in seconds. Just another episode of wait-a-minute weather in the late Fall of New England.



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