What’s new?

    Well, I finally broke down and bought a new computer, a Vaio. Even got it all virus-protected. Has a webcam built-in (Don’t ask me how it works! 😀 ). Guess I’m climbing out of the Dark Ages and into the present. Climbing, but not there yet (Still no smart phone; don’t see that happening anytime soon). I will still use my older computer, the dinosaur, to do my word processing. Since it doesn’t do the internet, I don’t have to worry about viruses/bugs in the thumb drives I use for my fiction. With the new computer, I still have to hook up with an internet provider (The library across the street has wifi, and I’ve been using that when I’m not using their computers). Blame my friend Tony for the new computer (Well, I have to blame someone but it was my idea; he just drove me to this place in Cambridge where he brought our friend Jimmy to get his. I relied on Tony to decide what I needed to get.). Jimmy? Another story, another time.

    Book 3 of the current trilogy is going slow, but it’s going. I have a weakness in writing battle scenes with castle sieges and massive invasions, so it’s taking awhile so that I can plan this better. It’s still early in the book so I can’t just have a huge battle, and then end it. Gotta be more happening, more obstacles in the path of my characters.

    And I’ve further complicated my life by enrolling in some free online courses through coursera.org.  Right now, I can only do the reading and maybe follow the discussions in the forums, but none of the assignments. They don’t like Internet Explorer, and that’s the only browser I have right now. Gotta get 1 or more others, just so I can do the lessons. And this is with the new computer! Go figure.    And now this: I can’t add any posts to either of my blogs with one of the work computers (Internet Explorer only).


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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