Grown Up?

I’m a grown woman on the wrong side of the half-century mark, says my birth certificate. That’s who I am age-wise, but am I really grown up?

I still have the toy dogs (Ubby and Morgan) that I was given as a child. Ubby became the hero of a short story, and Morgan went with me when I had an eye operation. They were with me in the Air Force (after Basic Training), staying on my bed in the dorm. Now, they sit on top of the TV, and keep an eye on things. I wouldn’t go anywhere to live without my boys.

Cyber pets? That’s another thing entirely. I had a cyberpet, a kittyboy named Toby. A cute little guy, funny and playful. The problem with cyberpets is that they’re only a piece of computer programming, and you’re dependent on someone else, the powers that be (TPTB)  to maintain the site. Well, to make long things shortened, TPTB didn’t. Gave us a few months notice, and closed the site, no halfway-decent reason given. I could make photocopies of the habitats I created for Toby, but Toby was lost to me, in cyberlimbo for eternity. Okay, he wasn’t real, but it still hurt losing him (Still does). I miss him. Is that grown up?

Another thing is my need to learn and relearn. It desn’t matter how many times I read about and practice completing the square in algebra; each time is a new experience. if I could go back to public school, I would, with its homework, projects, and field trips. I just have that need. As kids become adults, they get tired of school. They do; I haven’t. Enrolled in Coursera, a mobile open online course community, and I’m taking a literature course now.

Age is a number, nothing more. If growing up is a mental thing, I won’t until and unless I need to (like for work). But, once the need is passed, ….


About carolynsworld

security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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