Sports–good and bad

Been watching the Olympics when I can. A little of every sport that’s on when I’m watching. I’m seeing stuff I never saw before. Water polo? Seeimingly super-tall dudes trying to climb over each other (without drawing fouls) to catch a ball and throw it in a net. Synchronized platform diving? Jump off a 3-meter platform into the air without whacking your head on the board as you twist, turn, pike as needed, enter the water cleanly and with little splash and with your legs together (points off for separation), and do this all synchronized with your partner. easy-peasey, right?

It’s good to see someone who’s been hyped up (Hello, Michael Phelps!) live up to the hype, even after a not so good start. It’s scary and good to see the tiny but impossibly strong young girls doing those things they call championship gymnastics. Are their bones made of rubber? This is a sport where you are old at 20.

That’s all good. Not so good? How about the athletes/tweeters who couldn’t keep their opinions to themselves? The cyclists who cheated to get a restart? The judges (Are ALL American boxers that bad? hello, fencing with the tacked-on extra second to score the win!)? The Olympian who actually said he’s not an amateur, and expected to get paid as a professional? Aren’t the Olympics supposed to be a showcase of AMATEUR athletics (So how do I explain the US basketball team? I don’t.)?

The Olympics aren’t the only sport that makes me wonder what psycho is running the asylum, but I just can’t talk about the Red Sox (it hurts!).


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