What’s Happening?

    Well, the funeral’s over, and we return to our lives. Back to summer with the weather that can’t make up its mind. I know New England weather is the wait-a-minute kind, but it’s not even waiting the minute.

    The North Shore Navigators are the Futures Collegiate Baseball League team that plays in nearby  Frasier Field. Recently, they had a game which had a drive to raise money to help little Serenna Jeanne Kadra, a little girl who is one of only 11 people in the US, only 60 in the world, diagnosed with something called HLH. She’s never been out of the hospital, and the medical bills are 2 million and climbing. Anything we could do would help. There were raffles and flat-out donations. All I know about this disease is that it’s rare, and that she’s awfully sick.

    August is around the corner, and I haven’t been to the beach yet. Every time I get a day off, it’s either pouring rain, is unseasonably cold (602, low 70s), or is too freaking hot (high 90s, with dew points on the ceiling). Haven’t had any field trips this summer, other than the trip to GeorgesIsland (I highly recommend it.). Gotta do something about that.



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