fear itself

    Fear. A crippler when out of control, and friend and a warning when it tells you this is wrong. My therapist prescribed bike riding as a good exercise for my legs. My best friend Tony had an extra bike he could let me have, and he brought it over for me to try. 10-speed, a boy’s bike (which isn’t usually a problem for me), heavy, and too big. Too tall. I could barely swing my leg over the bar to get to the far pedal, and my arthritic hip didn’t like that. used my curb to sit in the seat, and realized that I couldn’t get my feet comfortably on the ground.

    This where fear kicks in. If I can’t get on the bike easily and safely, and there’s not always going to be a curb nearby, how am I going to get off without killing the bike and/or myself? And what about intersections? Just couldn’t ride it, even with Tony holding on. Nope, couldn’t do this.

    I told Tony, and he’s not pushing it. I think he’ll come and take the bike. he said he might have a smaller girl’s bike I could use. We’ll see.

   Only time I ever felt like that was when I was supposed to jump into the deep end of a pool. Didn’t happen then, either.



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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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