Been getting e-letters from my Aunt Livi. The problem with older relatives is that sometimes old age gets ugly. Alzheimer’s and assorted similar problems rear up. These problems now beset my mom’s brother, my Uncle Owen. A month ago he was his usual normal everyday self. Now, all the family can do is take in all the clear lucid moments, do what they can to frighten him less, make him comfortable, and wait. There is no fixing it. It hurts that I can do nothing, say nothing, except to offer my prayers. At least Livi had Owen’s children as comfort, and she and Owen have a great circle of friends for her to go to as need be.

    On a lighter note, well, vacation’s over (Lighter because I’m earning money again, necessary for keeping Bliz and me in a home). Take me another 2-3 months to recover from the week of no paycheck (see previous post).

    So what did I do? Well, I got in theBoston Harbor Island trip. Went toGeorges Island. Nice green place, with Civil War-eraFort Warren in the center. They had the vice president of the Confederacy as a prisoner. And then there the whole ‘lady in black’ story. I had been there before, so this was a veg-out and relax trip. Suggestions for anyone thinking of going–bring a jacket or sweater because the ferry ride can be breezy, sunscreen, a small flashlight if you’re like me and like to explore all the tunnels and stairs (I forgot mine this time!), and either bring home or bring money (It’s a bit pricey). Also, if you’re going to sit on any of the green areas, make sure the geese hadn’t gotten there first; they like to leave evidence.

    The start of my vacation, the days were very breezy, with temps in the 60s and 70s. People were out in shorts (New Englanders in June. Who cares what the thermometer says?), but I had to have long sleeves. Not crazy about being cold. I could sleep at night, Bliz in my window when not sleeping beside me. and then? It got hot, like 100°, with lots of humidity. Windows close (ticking off little torti girls) so the fan could do its job. The AC was supposed to go up this weekend (My building manager said he would. It’s awkward to get down from the closet shelf.), but the fan works. Sleep? Not so much. My head was back to the not-shutting-off, and I was just uncomfortable. Maybe got an hour or 2 of sleep a night, no more.

    Cooling down, and just in time. Eighties over the weekend, seventies this week, heating up again next weekend. Maybe I can sleep. Bliz’ll like that. Open windows mean sunbathing time when I’m home, looking for the squirrel that teased her from the outside windowsill.  Now, if it’ll just stop raining.

    Bliz got her turkey Friday. You think I could go to the supermarket and come back without something for her? Not going to happen. We had light rain, so I could open the window, and she ate there. Happy little purr monster.

    Got a birthday card and a letter from Jutta (my birthday’s July 3). I’ll finish answering it tonight, get it in the mail soonest (yes, snailmail. She doesn’t do e-mail, and this is more personal.).

    Saturday evening–when hot and humids meet cool and drier, it gets all thunderstormy, with long ribbons of lightning and long loud crackles of thunder. Lots of rain in a very short amount of time. Not good for sleeping in, but very good at scaring little catgirls. And then there’s the whole getting up and getting the windows shut before I get flooded out.

    Last note–got in a couple of North Shore Navigators baseball games. New league, new owner, new general manager, new manager (Richie Hebner, once of the Philadelphia Phillies), new players, same old Frazier Field. $6 tickets, $1 hot dogs, no seats are reserved so sit wherever you want, family fun, and college summer baseball, all 10-15 minutes walk from my house. Fun! Alas, no more going to games until the money sitch is a bit more normal.

    My best to all my family and friends, penmates, listsibs, and cybersibs.


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