What’s up?

    So much for blogging more frequently! J You know what they say about the best-laid plans of mice and men? They’re about the same!

    You remember me telling you (back in December) about visiting my Uncle Owen and Aunt Livi inConnecticutyears ago? My mom now says it never happened, that she never went there! How come I can remember something that didn’t happen? Weird, no?

    Latest set of sessions with my physical therapist are done. Now, I just have to do the stretches and exercises, hit the gym, and get walking.

    The problem with wanting to hit the gym is a burned-out fatigue factor, as in I need a vacation. Last one was in 2003, my trip to Europe.  Why the holdout? My company pays you your accrued vacation on or about the anniversary of your date of hire, so you get this nice check once a year. When you do take your vacation, you didn’t work, so you don’t get paid. My anniversary is early October.

    I have to wait until then? Nope. Taking vacation this month. Long overdue, much needed, need to defatigue so I have no excuses for missing the gym.

    Plans for Vacation? Not going anywhere. Maybe day trips to theBostonHarborIslandsor the Freedom Trail, a day or two atRevereBeach. The plan is to get in regular activity in the day, get good and tired, go to bed at a decent hour, and finally get some good sleep. How can I be so tired at bedtime, and yet not get my head to shut up so I can sleep? Does the mental talking have an off switch?

    After vacation, I start summer school at the academy. Math and language for academics, with a concentration of field trips and physical training for the summer.  I’ll go over my kenpo, working on techniques to see how I can adjust to lesser use of my right leg and fewer swivels (or hidden foot moves). Can’t change the katas, but I’ll go over them. Also change speed and time on the stationary bike. What was a mile and a half running will have to be the same distance on the bike.  Maybe this summer, I’ll have a regular bike so I can vary my exercise routine.

    Annual physical fitness test comes up in August.

    Summer is also reading time. The academy has a two-books-on-the-list requirement (The list comes from the middle and high schools), I do the Reading Warriors Challenge, continue the reading challenge on Writers Digest critique forum (writers are also readers), and now the library has an Adult Summer Reading Program.

    My little roomie Bliz (my not-always-sweet torti girl with attitude) meets me at the door when I get home (when she not too lazy to get out of bed), and then runs straight to the bathroom sink. Turn on the water, her impatient little face tells me. Three bowls of water in the apartment, and she prefers it from the faucet, nice, fresh, and cold. Then, a sprint and leap to the bed to wait for the treats she knows I’ll give her (a few before going to work, a few after coming home, all with hugs and kisses) Sometimes, after making her reach up for the first treat, I’ll flip them one by one around the room, making her chase for them. She doesn’t mind the exercise; she gets to go back to bed and sleep it off.

     My little girl is going to be ten in December. She has slowed down a little, although she still has mad dashes to nowhere around the apartment. She gets her deli turkey at least twice a month twice (honey-roasted, edges removed, the rest broken up into bite-size pieces and put into a custard cup, and Mom gets the edges), the only human food she gets (although she likes licking the tomato sauce left in a bowl that had spaghetti, or sampling my supper if I look away). I think she’s getting used to being an only; she doesn’t have another cat to beat up, so she takes it out on her toys. I always find her mouse on the floor. And what’s with chewing on the bristles of the dust brush?

    I finish this post with warm thoughts for my ‘sister’ Jutta and my friend Marie (Joker) Stern inGermany, and prayers for my nephew Adam (Get well!) and my uncle Owen. May God watch over all of you and your families!

    Hi, Mom! *waves, and blows and kiss*


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