Where do I start? More than a month since my last post! If I had any followers, they’ve up and left. Can’t go that long again. Maybe once aweek.

The velcroed work shoes are working out, but I’m going to have to replace them soon. They’re starting to tear in the toe area where the foot bends (just the left one). Just my luck, get them broken in, and I’ve got to get new ones.

Crazy weather we’ve had. I know new England is famous for its wait-a-minute weather, but this is ridiculous. Cold, windy, but no-snow winter, a warmer than usual late winter/early spring, serious wind lately (You heard we had tornadoes?), and now the cold, gray drismals (If that’s not a word, it is now, and I invented it). The sun should return Sunday afternoon. Lucky me! Sunday morning, I’ll be a stationary marshal at the annual Walk for Hunger. By the time the sun shows, I should be back in bed, since I have to work that night.

The Walk for Hunger is a thing I have to do. I’ve been a part of it for over twenty-five years now, as a walker, sign-in register, close-out volunteer, walking marshal (which they no longer have), and stationary marshal. To me, winter isn’t over until the walkathon.

Well, although I see no change and my clothes aren’t any looser, the scale in the VA’s Move coordinator’s office says I’ve lost 8 pounds. Where? Losing weight is good for my knees and my overall health, but I wish I could see it or feel it.

One of the exercises for my knees caused a lot of pain in my right hip, right in the joint, so we stopped it right away. After I got an w-ray taken, my therapist gave me exercises for my hip. Turnabout is fair play, they say. A lying-down hip exercise caused pain in my knee, so that’s gone, another in it’s place.

By the way, I know that doing group exercises in the pool, like in the Y, is very popular. My Y I go to has it. They tell you that it’s good for arthritis and rehabbing sports injuries. But, jumping jacks, running in place, kicks, and lunges, even in water, are not good for the knees. I found out the hard way; retweaked mine in the one and only aqua-aerobics class I took. Had to see my therapist again.

That’s it for now. See you soon!


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