Musings III

Okay, those 8-regular shoes, at least the velcro ones, are starting to feel normal. Still a bit tight, but not so painful. Maybe I’m getting used to them?

Bliz has 3 toys in her cube, 2 catnip bags (which she licks to pieces) and 1 mouse (which keeps finding the floor when I’m at work!). I’m not allowed to reach into her cube to pet her (paws and hisses tell me to stay out.  >^ ^<), but I can move the cube (over her objections) over near the window or on the floor as need be, by grabbing fabric on the outside.

Got the Fed refund. The utilities, credit cards (well, paid, but not all paid off), and the VA are paid to date, the Joe Grey books ordered.

Just got passed the 5th anniversary of my dad’s death, and I hear my cousin Paul just died suddenly. He was only 5-6 years younger than me. We used to visit Uncle Joe and family maybe once a month when we were kids. While the adults were meeting in the apartment, we’d go play in the park or go to the nearby store. We spent a lot of time together, the group of us kids. Then, we all got older, moved on with our lives, Mom and Dad retired and moved down south, and, if I was lucky, I’d see an uncle or 2, maybe a cousin (like Jimmy or Stevie) on Memorial Day on the parade route. The clan got together about 5-6 years ago for a family reunion. Can I miss someone who’s just a childhood memory? I have no memories of him older; don’t even remember seeing him at the reunion, but I was told he was there. Goodbye, Paul. In my time, I’ll meet you on the other side.

And now I hear that my 2nd sensei in kenpo, the 1st on this coast, died the same day as Paul. Paul Micciche was only in his 40s, and died of the same thing, I’m told, which killed his teacher, Grandmaster Nick Cerio. I have good memories of the classes I took with him, me, my sis Cathy, and my friend Jimmy. God keep you, Sensei.

And more news?


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