Musings II

Got to Walmart. No 8W; best I could do was 8 regular. I bought 2 pair, one with velcro, one with ties. The velcro, what I’m wearing now, the left feels fine, the right is rubbing the bone/bunion, sometimes hurting, sometimes not. It’ll do until I can find 8Ws.

Spent more $ than I planned, but it was worth it. Got some DVDs: Goonies (!) 😀 (Finally!), Stargate and Stargate Atlantis, both 1st season. Got Bliz a new bed, a green cloth cube with bedding inside. I put it up on my bed to let her try it out, and she curled right up (Just the right size for a little cat! >^-^<). She let me know, by reaching out with her paws and by hissing, that human fingers aren’t allowed in the cube, not even for pettings. No, this is her sanctuary, and humans are forbidden!

Stocked up the fridge and the cabinets. State refunds are nice! With the Fed one, I can put some $ away, catch up with my utilities, renew my passport, AYH membership, and Registry ID (when it expires), and put $ aside for my annual New York City overnighter, if I do that. Not so sure about it, yet. Although my friend Claire has said she’ll look in on Bliz (and she loves her), this’ll be the 1st time my little girl will be alone longer than an overnight (I’ll be gone 2 nights–1 at work (which she’s used to) and then 1 in NY (which she’s not)).

Still have to bring 2 book series up to date–the Joe Grey series and the Warriors one, and to get the Lightning Thief DVD. I may be keeping busy for a bit.


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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