On the Writers Digest reading challenge, I’ve logged all the Joe Grey books I have and have read. That would be: Cat on the Edge/Under Fire/Raise the Dead/to the Dogs (introduces Kit)/Spitting Mad/Laughing Last/Seeing Double/Fear No Evil/Cross their Graves/Breaking Free/Deck the Halls/Playing Cupid. Anything else I don’t have, which is about 4 or 5 or so. Hope to get the missing post-tax refund. I gave the series 5 paws up.

Finished my physical therapy sessions. Now, it’s all up to me. Do the stretching and exercises, lose the weight to help the knees.

Only problem is my shoes. The bunion on my right foot makes my 7-regular feet need 8-wide shoes, not so easy to find for females. I have shoes, but finding some that won’t hurt my feet (by pressing on or around the bunion) isn’t easy. I had black Danskins (Danskins makes shoes?) that fit like slippers, and my feet loved them, but the heels started pulling away, so I had to trash them. Got to find more. 8W black (for work) Danskins with 2 velcro straps. I got the 1st at Walmart; I’ll have to see if they still have some. Just got to wait for my refund 1st.

The shoes I’m wearing now to work, it feels like the inside of my right foot is riding up the side of the shoes, it’s not sitting right in the shoe. Arch problem? Just now? Just these shoes?  My left foot is sitting in there fine. Gotta fix this problem before it permanently affects my gait, undoing all my progress.

When I 1st went to see my physical therapist (Marc), I didn’t know what to expect. Yes, I’ve seen them on TV, where they do stuff to somebody, and send them on their way, apparently cured. Well, this isn’t TV. They do that, but so much more, though not with the instant cure. What do they do? They show you so you can do it. They show, encourage, correct, and challenge. There are tests, evaluations to gauge your progress. You better do your homework, because they’ll know if you didn’t, and you don’t want to waste their time. They’re not just ‘therapists’; they’re teachers in the best way, giving you the skills you need to get on with and face life. Thank you, Marc!


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