Getting Caught Up

Wow! Over a month since my last post? Good thing I don’t make a living at this!

Over in the Writers Digest scifi/fantasy critique forum, they issued a reading challenge. You tell them how many books you think you can read in 2012, and then try to read that many. I’ve only logged one, “Cat to the Dogs“, a Joe Grey mystery, by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. However, I’ve read most of the series, at least the books I have. Still a handful I have to get. I’ve got a weakness for the tattercoat, Kit, and wonder what will happen when Max Harper finally realizes who his snitches are. Poor Max!

I once said that Blizzy sleeping on my OA knees wasn’t good for them. Well, my physical therapist, Marc, disagrees. He says she’s helping, without knowing it. When she puts weight, like her head and/or paws, on my right knee, she presses down, forcing a stretching of the back-of-the-knee muscles and my hamstrings. This helps straighten my knee, absolutely necessary for strengthening it. The OA caused my knee to be somewhat bent, and, in the 5 weeks that Marc and I have worked, the bending has been cut in half. Using the store-brand brace whenever I’m in uniform, I’m in no pain (knock on wood), just a little back-of-knee discomfort from the exercises and stretching, a 1 1/2 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. Marc knows what I’m going through because he, too, has bad knees. In fact, his doctor is on staff, and is the consult on my case. My balance and coordination is better, my movement confidence (Thank you, no ice so far on the ground!) has increased, and my leg is definitely stronger. Just gotta keep it up.

And losing weight would help. The VA has me in a weight-loss program called MOVE. After our orientation, I met with one of the coordinators, a nutritionist, The idea seemed simple–record what I eat (0k), how much (I’ve got to weigh everything?), and how many calories (Good luck finding that for everything). When you have to log what you eat, you think more about it, and you start eating better. With that, my gym workouts (within Marc’s allowances), my PT sessions, and the stretches and exercises Marc has me do on my own, I’ve started losing weight. Tis a strange thing when someone who needed a weight waiver to get into the air Force (I was under my minimum) has to be put on a weight-loss program. ‘Bout time I lost it and started getting back to the real, healthy, smaller me. Just gotta resist eating whatever I wish (and I can resist anything but temptation).


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One Response to Getting Caught Up

  1. Kelly Said says:

    Hi! 😀 Whew, it’s been a bit since I’ve updated the numbers for the reading challenge. I think I’m at 7 books so far – I signed up for 50 thinking I could handle reading a book a week… eep! hehehe! Good luck with your weight loss goals, hopefully their program will help you get back to feeling more comfortable and hopefully help with the healing of your leg. 🙂

    Have a great day, see you around! 😀

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