Things to Come

The winter holidays are over, along with their light and color, unending music, and cheeriness. All gone. A few house lights and white-lit outside trees still exist to remind us. Next big booming holiday? One that, if you work, they have to pay you extra? Memorial Day, at the end of May. And in-between? The cold gray dark before the dawn. Basically, 2-3 months (minimum) of cold, wind, blinding white and cold in your face, ice, snow, slips/slides/falls, soggy/frozen feet/fingers/faces, and whatever slop Mother Nature and/or Old Man Nature can conjure up to throw at us. And I’m not even including downed lines, power outages, and skyrocketing fuel bills.

And when we get passed all this? Same thing, just replace the ice and snow with cold and wind-blown rain. We call it spring. Supposed to be a colorful, joyous time of year, but who can tell through all the gray? The good is seeing skeletal gray trees coated with bits of budding green, feeling temperatures start to rise, hearing the cry of returning birds, opening windows to let eager little cats talk to those birds, and getting teases of sunshine.

Finally, if we’re lucky (and just in time for hurricane season), sun, green, and glorious warmth (I’m ignoring the inglorious muggies, thank you). Ah, joy! The cold dark gray is what we pay to earn this. Enjoy, because it won’t stay long!


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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