Just thoughts while I address my Xmas cards. What goes through your head when you look at the list of whom to send cards to? Are they all familiar to you? Immediate family, yes. Others? Some of them, your only contact may be exchanging Xmas cards? I have some. They’re relatives I used to see regularly when I was young (as in single digits in age), but now it’s just Xmas cards. At least we have that.

I also have penpals. We met when a national fan club for a TV show realized that its members were international, and set up a penpal program. At first, I had penpals from the US, New Zealand, Australia, the UK, France, Germany, the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Canada. We exchanged points of views and even geography and cultural lessons. But, one by one, they disappeared, other things taking priorities in their lives. , or, maybe as they got older, deciding that penpals were for kids (I thinking of an Aussie girl, a high schooler, who started telling me a story before holiday break, said she’d finish it when she got back, and never did. I’m still waiting. I wrote back but I never got answered).

Some were having a hard time, so you wonder, even worry, but you can’t do anything except offer support. And if they stop writing? You can only wonder, and hope and pray that they’re okay.

Some. after an exchange of letters, just disappear, and you wonder. But….

Not all’s lost. I still hear from some. A guy in Michigan sends me pages of his story, and fills me in on his artistic adventures. One of my first and my closest, so close we call each other sister, is from Germany.

So who gets cards? If I still have a half-decent address, and there’s been a card or two, penpals go on the list. if it comes back undeliverable, I know.

Just things to think about when making up the card list. How do you figure out yours?


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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