Passing Thoughts

Thanksgiving has come and gone. I remember one less than a month before I went in the Air Force. My grandmother, my parents, and me went to Connecticut to visit my Uncle Owen and his wife Livi. long ago (more than 35 years!) so I don’t remember too much, but I remember some things about their place. Land, some developed, some wild, the feel of clean, fresh, countrified air, dogs, cats, horses, and God knows what else, just a good feeling not that far from city life. It’s funny–although I’m still in touch with them, that was the last time I saw either my uncle or my aunt (except in pictures we receive every now and then).

My next Thanksgiving, I was at McClellan Air Force Base in California. My first big holiday without my family. I was lonely, bored, and actually homesick. Did something really stupid–I had a bottle of wine, and I drank it all, all by myself. God, did I get sick! Only time I ever did anything like that.

Closest would be the 4 beers I had at my next door neighbors one New Years Eve, or the glasses of wine (at a drinking game in the hostel with fellow travelers) and the 2 beers I had in a pub the same night with the same group in a pub in Lyon, France, in 2003.  Didn’t get sick either time. Not even a hangover the next morning. In Lyon, in the pub with these people half my age and all coupled up, I was lonely, homesick, the 5th square wheel on a bicycle. Being ignored will do that to you; they were too wrapped up in each other.

Cheerier thoughts? Well, my cat Bliz has definitely gotten very fond of me, following me wherever I go in our apartment. If I’m in the bathroom, she’s sleeping on the rug or drinking out of the sink faucet; if I’m sitting on the bed, she’s sitting on my legs, not good for my OA knees, but I won’t move her, at least not for awhile. If I’m lying on my side, she’s on top of me. and, her favorite, should I be under the covers, she has to be under there with me, some part of her touching some part of me, like her head or forepaw (or both!) on my leg. That way, I can’t leave without her knowing it.

She’s not used to being an only cat, having had big brother (and furbed) Shadow and then little sister (and pain) Bebe as company. Now, it’s just us. Not going to get another cat; I promised myself that Bliz would be the last. Her little green square bed sits on my bed, either at the foot when I’m sleeping, or at the head next to my upright pillow when I’m up and about. A collection of her beatupable cloth toys will be scattered on the bed so that she can beat them up and knock/kick them off the bed at her leisure. There are more toys on the dresser and on the floor, and plenty of food and water. No substitute for company, I know, so I spend as much time with her as I can. Believe me, if there was any such thing as a spoiled cat, she’d be it, with treats, walks up and down the hall, and lots of love. I plan my nonwork activities now so that she isn’t alone for too long.  Yes, she knows my uniform, knows it means I’ll be gone for the night, but she counts on me being with her when it gets light. We both look forward to the time I’m no longer putting on the uniform.


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