Bebe is forever gone

This is hard to write, but I must. I had to give my little torbi cat, Bebe, back to the MSPCA Sunday. Bobby took her for me. My sweet, beautiful, little, teacup kitty is no more. Why? For all her love, need, and cuteness (and there was plenty), she had 1 annoying problem, a refusal to put most, if not all, of her poops in the litterbox (either box; there were 2). No, she’d go wherever she wanted–floor (usually corners or under things), bathtub, in a catbed, even on a blanket 6 inches from where I was sleeping.

How did this happen? We can only guess. The MSPCA and I seem to be in agreement that she was either orphaned or taken from her mom at a very young age, before she could learn the rules of kitty behavior, and endured fear and terror, even abuse, from the humans or groups of humans who had her before she was just dumped on the side of a road (where someone else found her, and brought her to the MSPCA, which is where I came in). She was so scarred mentally and emotionally that she had even forgotten how to play. I had her for 3+ years, and the only play I saw from her was wrestling with the older cat (Bliz) or playing chase with her. Otherwise, no play. She didn’t even know what to do with toys.

I figured she’d learn from Bliz’s example, since she acted like Bliz was her mom, and I gave her plenty of time. Never gave up on a cat before, and I didn’t want to now. All she wanted was a forever home, a mom, and a big sister, and she had that, but I couldn’t do it anymore. Waking up with poop 6 inches from your head, and with more on the room floor and on the blankets (and, yes, in the litterbox) was the last straw. It went from a lack of training to an ingrained behavior that was only getting worse. Time to end it.

Only thing is that a cat returned for something like this, where it’s not a correctable physical or environmental problem (and I was questioned enough for them to be sure of it), can’t go to another home. She’d only repeat the behavior, maybe even worse since these people would be new to her. Since the MSPCA only holds cats if they’re adoptable, and she no longer was, the only alternative was euthanasia. And so, Sunday afternoon, the MSPCA confirmed to me that they had decided to do this.

Forgive me (My eyes are all teary as I write this), my sweet little one. I loved you so much and would have done anything to keep you, but I couldn’t anymore. Please forgive me, and we’ll meet at the Rainbow Bridge. In her time, Bliz will introduce you to Pretty, Sammie, Shadow, Goldie, and even Tina. They’ll like you, and you’ll know how to play there. Until then.


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One Response to Bebe is forever gone

  1. Anthony C says:

    Its sad to loose a pet. Alive or just passed is just the same. All sad.

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