One of those days

                                                      Ever have one of those days? Get home from work and running around, ready to sleep, but you can’t, only catnaps or even smaller mousenaps. Finally get up and change, just in time to catch the bus.

Two busses come, one going to the garage, and the one you want to catch. The garage bus picks you up, takes you further along so you can catch the other. You’re ahead of it, stepping out into the street at a stop as it approaches, and you’re waving it down. Doesn’t even slow down! The driver, a familiar face, looks at you as he drives by, leaving you there. What the …? Did he think you were just saying hi? Arrggghhhh!

Cab time. Thankfully, it’s quick, and the cabbie has taken you before. Not so thankfully, your budget hardly has room for nice expensive cab rides. Ten minutes down the road, but it means crossing the city line, so it’s $15 a pop.

And when you get there? You got up an hour too early! Dumdum! *slap head* Supposed to just be getting up now! So both alarm clocks are going off. Here’s where cats need thumbs, so my roomies can shut off alarm clocks. Yes, I can hear them swearing at me.

So what do I do with an extra hour? Well, I’m sitting at a subway station, writing this, wondering what else is going to happen. Not that I want to know.

Gotta be college kids around here. Who else would walk around with tall paper hats on? And they act like it’s normal!

Never thought a subway station would be a place to sit and write. Who knew? Noisy, chaotic, crowded, and lost or confused people needing help (which you give because that’s what you do), and, yet, you put it all in the background, ignore the noise, and get it done. Learn something new every day.

Or teach. I have benchmates, an Israeli couple traveling around the world. She’s quiet, waiting, careful, while he’s one cuppa coffee short of a caffeine overload, giggly, smiling, chatting a mile a minute, unable to sit down. They’ve seen a lot already, and plan on a Duck Boat tour tomorrow. Next stop—New York City. I receive an invitation to visitIsraelsomeday.

Someday. Right now, I just need my knees to hold together for 3 more years so I’ll be minimally old enough to retire and have 30 years in at work. I don’t expect them to go beyond that, so, although I look forward to not having to go to work, I fear retirement may not be much fun. How mobile will I be? Gotta keep up my exercises to try to strengthen the supporting muscles. That means getting pool time. It also means losing weight.

Gotta find a good topic to post about. Any suggestions?


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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One Response to One of those days

  1. Anthony C says:

    We all have bad days. When you think you are having a good day, bad luck hits you in the face.

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