I was at Revere Beach, enjoying the last days of summer, and all these images jumped at me, and I had to write them. Thought I’d share.


    The eastern sea in morning is a wrinkled blue blanket with sparkling sequins, silvery braid at the far side, and white lace at the near side. The sky challenges you with every shade of blue, all reflected in the sea, and, all about you, gulls circle and cry their welcome. Near the horizon, miniature ship shapes bracket a needle pointing skyward, as freighters pass by the lighthouse. Land curves around the bay, and apartment buildings ring the curve like a laurel wreath on a winner’s head. The breakwater stretches out from the curve, into the sea, a thick dark pencil line drawn on the water.

    I am a creature of the woods and the fields, but the sea draws me—maybe I have elfin blood?—and calls me home.


About carolynsworld

security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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2 Responses to Drawn

  1. Terri (aka Sis0974) says:

    *clears throat* I just clicked on here from WD & saw Revere Beach. Are you kidding me? You’re not even 2 hours away from me. 🙂 My hubby grew up in Saugus. You ought to take a little road trip & come visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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