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I’ve been wearing the brace to work. 4 velcro straps, #1 strap on the upper calf the most important because it holds the brace in place. Got to get it just right to get the hinge to line up with the bony part of the knee, and without a strap chafing the backside of the knee/ Put it on sitting with knee at a 90 degree angle, walk a bit, tighten straps as needed but main;y #1 strap. Bceause of the straps, the knees don’t like to bend as much as before, making stairs (mainly down) an adventure. The leg fatigues out more easily, so I’m using the elevators more

In my mind, I’m still the kid playing catch-up-to-me with the train, but I can’t do that now. Can’t run, which ________ (you can fill in the blank with a word of your choosing).

On a happier note, finally got to Revere Beach today, 1st time in 2 summers. Every other day I planned to go, something came up or it rained! I took the cane. Sand and salt aren’t a good combination with the brace’s parts.


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