Thursday August 11th, and no brace yet. I’ll wait until Friday. If I don’t hear, I’ll call Monday. Meanwhile, I use the cane when I go around, if I don’t need 2 hands, and never for work (security officers using canes to get around doesn’t inspire confidence in the client). Ibuprophen helps some, too.

Be checking out the last Harry Potter movie (finally) Monday with my friends. I still remain a fan. She’s a great writer, with a clever use and blend of names, mythology, folk tales, and her own inventions. Hints are dropped early enough, but they’re well-disguised. Thw riting is tight, with everything having meaning. Nothing is just thrown in.

I keep mentioning the self-school. To give it the feeling  if being real, I’ve given it a name. It’s the Nelson Academy, after an educator I knew and respected in my younger days. Summer session is winding down. I’ll have a week off (but not from work) before the regular fall session starts.

Going strong with 9+ months at the new work site. My old site, Verizon, is plagued with strikers, many of them acquaintances, a few even friends. I think I’m glad I’m not still working there, just to avoid a confrontation. Here, I feel like I’m a functioning part of the whole. it helps that our IDs don’t look any different from everyone else’s. We are part of the hospital staff, and we are included (in everything except employee behefits, being contract and all).

Finall got footwear I can use between the locker room and the Y’s pool. Now, i can get back into the pool, where exercising is better for my knees, and maybe I can lose some weight and please my doctor.

Friday, and nothing from the VA. I’ll call Monday.


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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