Well, I checked in with the VA after work this morning. The nurse practitioner in Urgent Care wanted me to take time off from work, but that won’t happen. No work, no pay, no rent and utilities/food/ transportation getting paid.

He sent me to radiology for a ‘ortho series’ x-rays of the knee, told me it showed ‘degenerative joint disease ‘ or osteo-arthritis, put an ice pack on my knee, secured it with an ace wrap, and sent me to physical therapy for a cane, and to prosthetics for a brace. I can’t use the cane at work (A security officer with a cane? Doesn’t work!), but I’ll use it at home (I have it with me now at the library). The brace will have to be ordered and then fit.

So, how has your day been?


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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  1. Anthony Crusco says:

    i guess as you get older new hell comes attached. I guess we are all going through or little hells. Our jobs pay the bills and rent but also bring some of the hell as well. nice piece.

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