intro to the Gelvin trilogy


    To those who need to give me a name, I am Glada, mother-creator of the humans on the world called Algor. The humans, though scattered throughout Algor, live mainly on the mass of land known as Londum. But, humans are not the only intelligent life on this world. There are many others, and some of them are dark, willing to prey on humans.

    As the humans’ mother, I do what I can to protect them. I cannot directly interfere with non-humans, but I can create humanlike protectors, tarj, to watch over humans. I have created many, but they have not lasted.

    I have great hope for the one I have just created. I have even given him an interesting human male as a teacher. As I had with the others, I have given the tarj thoughts   and speech, so that he may tell you his story; the others, for whatever reasons, chose not to tell.

    There is a particularly evil demon residing on Algor now. He has a tie to the teacher. The tarj must neutralize this demon, render him harmless. Many have tried.

    May this one be successful.



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