intro to the Arvin trilogy


    Millennia before any time of concern, the Creator-of-all created us, lesser beings or gods, to be makers and caretakers of different mortals. A group of us called ourselves the Amaral.

    I am Jeannel, and the peaceful, inventive, and curious human-like beings called the Arvin are my creations. As their mother, I gave my children powers of the will and spirit, each at his or her own strength. We placed our creations, not only Arvin but also dragons, the great intelligent flying beings, on an old world that yearned for new life. Our children grew and thrived there for many generations. When we realized the world was dying, my mate Forde knew my sadness. Wanting to make me happy, he used his great strength and his love to will a new world into existence, populating it with life familiar to our children. As the old world died, we transported our     children to this new world… this Vokyere. And my children, the Arvin, flourished.

    But they would not be alone. In supplication, other gods requested, and we granted, that they be allowed to leave their children. Permission granted cannot be revoked, so says the Creator-of-all; the other gods hid from us that these children included warlike humans so animalistic that they had no culture, written language, or even racial name for themselves. We named them Borjeem. These Borjeem were lesser beings, and lessers must always be protected, even from themselves if necessary. We commanded our children to serve these Borjeem, obeying their every wish, giving up even life if needed, and, in doing so, protecting these lessers. Devoted to us, they did, for generation after generation, through all the hardships and trials the Borjeem put upon them. And the Borjeem, like young children with new toys, took every advantage.

    Now, Vokyere is changing. There is rebellion within the Arvin and within the land. Into this time of change comes a ten-year old boy named Tamlin. Directly descendant from the first chief of the Arvin, he will forever change the relationship of the Borjeem and the Arvin. Not alone; he

will have much help, with friends, allies, neutrals, and even enemies pushing him. The boy, in growing up and fulfilling his fate, will feel the full range of emotions possible—confusion, displeasure, rebellion, acceptance, anticipation, joy, awe, eagerness, pain, love, pride, heartache, and righteous anger. But first, he has to abandon the life he has led, a life based on lies, and to learn the truth of his world.      

    That which you hold is his story, as he wrote it, to be read by the children of the Arvin, so that they may know their past.

    Read and learn!



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