Going to New York took longer than it should have, thanks to a tractor-trailer rollover that caused a 3-mile stall and crawl situation in Connecticut. Took more than an hour to cover the 3 miles. Checked into the hostel around 3pm. Not much time to do anything except relax. That’s okay. Yes, the idea was to get some writing done, but it was just an need to get away, like a vacation day. Had supper at Tom’s Restaurant, the one that appears on the Seinfield show. A lot smaller than it is on tv. There was a comedy show at the hostel at night. Not very good comics except the last one, only one that got me to even smile.  Language was a bit raunchy for all the comics.

The thing about hosteling is the chance to meet people from other countries. Yes, I have net-friends online from other countries, but this was person-to-person. I spent my bus time next to a lady from Christchurch, New Zealand. The earthquakes had cost her her job, so she was traveling around the world. At the comedy show, there were people from Poland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and England. At breakfast, I sat with a 75-year old woman from California and a girl from Argentina. A group from Russia was checking in, 11 boys and 1 girl, and they didn’t have reservations. Good luck to them.  What a United Nations!

No, not much writing was done, but I rested (vegging out in the warm and dry air in Central Park, after leaving the cold and drizzy Boston) and relaxed, and that was the idea. Recharge the batteries. Mission accomplished.


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security officer, library rat, cat lover, into fantasy and some scifi
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  1. Anthony Crusco says:

    Ya we all have to get away from our personal hells once in awhile. I need a break from hell that is for sure. Washington DC is my favorite spot or vegas.

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